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Cost consultancy

It can perhaps be compared to mathematics, if you realise that there is also such a thing as ‘higher’ mathematics. In addition to our ‘Cost and quality advice’, clients frequently use our ‘Cost engineering’ services as well. The first offers clear insights into the figures on a reactive basis. This is indispensable. The second works proactively to keep your project within the financial frameworks. That may be even more indispensable. We apply both approaches within our Cost consultancy expertise, for civil engineering structures as well as housing and non-residential buildings. In doing so, we examine all phases of construction. We apply our knowledge to virtually all types of properties and in projects involving complete area development. We specify the costs at every stage, from construction to operation and from fees to facilities.

Portfolio management

Whether you have real estate as an investment, as a means to achieve your policy objectives or to accommodate your core business, your aim is to achieve optimum returns – financial, social or functional. Or a combination of all three. To get the most out of your real estate portfolio, professional portfolio management is an absolute must. The basis for this is knowing what you have and how it’s performing. The next step is to develop insight into the long-term requirement. And then the real art is to bring the – in principle – static real estate supply into line with dynamic real estate demand. How do you create a flexible portfolio that will still meet your objectives in the more distant future? Not easy. So ask Brink Management / Consultancy. We have a wealth of experience in this field, and will be more than happy to get our teeth into your real estate portfolio.