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Development and investment

Some of us at Brink Management / Advies think that real estate and area development is the best thing ever. Well, solving real estate puzzles, in any case. We simply adore it. The more complex, the better. With multiple stakeholders, all with highly diverse interests, financial and otherwise naturally. We love a long time horizon with uncertainties and risks that can’t be captured in a standard solution. We always take the time to examine the situation very carefully: the feasibility of the task, the strategic choices, the value appraisal, the results-oriented deal-making, or the ongoing process and interim management. We know all the ins and outs of assignments of this kind and everything that is needed to successfully get a project off the ground.

Process and project management

Process and project management begins – quite logically – with determining the final destination. What results do you envision at the end? In order to arrive there, you have to establish the purpose of the destination first, which in turn requires insight into your real estate ambition and your motivations. As your guide, we know all the successful routes; as your bodyguard, we know all the obstacles you can encounter on the way. In every project, Brink Management / Advies always seeks out new and better pathways, which we plot in close consultation with you. All while keeping a tight rein on the right process.