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Real Estate & Infrastructure Finance

The success of your projects hinges on good financial substantiation, especially now when banks are less willing to supply loan capital. In addition, changes in the client’s role and in contract types, such as DBFMO contracts, require specialist knowledge of both projects and markets. We give you a clear picture of the financial consequences of various alternatives. We guide you in structuring your project and arranging the financing. Brink Management / Advies advisers are specialists in real estate and infrastructure financing, with clients including local and national authorities, corporations, healthcare and other care institutions, education organisations and housing associations. Our independence is certainly a big advantage, but our tremendous passion is what really enables us to forge new and surprising collaborations between owners, funding providers and investors.

Tenders and contracts

If you enjoy doing something, if it makes you smile, then it often means you’re at least reasonably good at it. Here at Brink Management / Consultancy we often have a smile when we’re working on contracts and tender procedures. Whether for contracting authorities or for private clients. Ideally, there is complete trust and cooperation between the parties. For this, you need clear procedures and explicit agreements, set down in solid contracts. To organise the best possible collaboration, it is essential to have the right division (or combination) of tasks, responsibilities, risks and incentives. Are you already starting to smile? We are. Brink listens, gauges and then makes the necessary connections to ensure that clients’ requirements and expectations are linked up with the market.